“Community House Damaris” is a Healing Community that seeks to provide long-term recovery programs (3 to 7 years), designed to guide sexually exploited/trafficked women and youth, between the ages of 18 and 29, into full rehabilitation and re-integration into society.

Our program was developed to cover the following needs:

  • Treatment of past abuse and healing the traumas of abuse
  • Therapy against addictions
  • Skill development
  • Vocational art or art learning
  • Entry into workplace environment or school reentry

The non-profit organization “Community House Damaris” also offers programs and services to young women who are in the danger of becoming victims of sexual abuse and trafficking.

We aim for a comprehensive long-term support program for young women of ages 18 to 29 years old, including the ones that are pregnant or have children.

We work to contribute to the breaking of the vicious cycle in women’s lives who have been victimized by sexual exploitation.

SAF-LogoCommunity House Damaris -to better fulfill its purpose- is connected to Servants Anonymous (SA) pursuing their certification through a accreditation program offered by the SA Foundation.

  • SA has a 25 year history of helping young women exit the sex trade and rebuild their lives.
  • The SA program model encompasses front-line housing and a uniquely designed day program that addresses the specific needs of women exiting sexual exploitation.
  • When fully implemented, the SA program model generates a steady 70% success rate wherever it is implemented.