All Housing programs of Community House Damaris are set up to model home-like environments. No programs are given from the front-line, transitional or affordable long-term housing rather all programming is given through the A.S.K. Learning Centre day program. All housing is for living accommodations only.

The front-line houses, transitional and affordable long-term housing may or may not be located in the same neighbourhood, depending on the availability of rentals and/or ability of Community House Damaris to purchase such facilities. If the housing facilities were purchased outright, Community House Damaris would hold the titles and will charge low-income rental fee rates to participants.

In addition, the requirements to live in the following front-line houses that are designed to address different areas of needs are that participants are no longer participating in criminal activities and that they are attending the A.S.K. Learning Centre day programs on a full-time basis.

Participants stay in the front-line housing programs for approximately 6 months to 1 year.

  • Front-line House: Is the residential home that provides accommodation for sexually exploited/trafficked women and youth that don’t have major addictions, with children or not, pregnant or not.
  • Second Stage Housing: Is placements into transitional residences or long-term affordable housing for sexually exploited/trafficked women and youth who have completed the ASK Learning Centre program and who are ready to live semi-independently or on their own.

The portion of this program is divided into two segments:

  • Transitional housing is the semi-independent suites for participants who have entered job shadowing and job training programs. Participants are able to stay in the transitional housing program approximately 8 months to 2 years.
  • Long-term affordable housing is the independent suites for participants who have entered the job market in entry-level positions, have returned to school or are raising their children on a full time basis. At this level, participants are enrolled in the FollowCare program and are able to stay in the long-term affordable housing program between 2 to 4 years.