Cuddle & Care is the specialized daycare service for the women and youth served by Community House Damaris and for the benefit of staff. this programs are designed to fit the parenting needs of each participant, complementing the “generic” parenting programs offered in the curriculum of the A.S.K. Learning Centre.

BabyCuddle and Care also offers an on-the-job shadowing and training environment for participants wishing to pursue a career in early childhood development. Cuddle and Care is not open to the public as its programs are provided exclusively for the use of staff and program participants.

Staff is qualified as: graduated program participants who are hired as staff within or outside of Community House Damaris in entry-level positions, or who have returned to school.

In addition, this program offers participants’ children long-term stability while their mothers are rebuilding their lives, as they would have been involved in Cuddle and Care since the beginning of their mother’s program.