Life Principle: Tradition of Excellence

As a Christian therapeutic community, we believe in the importance of vision based on servanthood, personal recovery and community. What qualifies our vision as a ‘Tradition of Excellence’ is that those who serve within our therapeutic community are people who desire to:

“Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God.” (Micah 6:8)

Life Principle: Integrity

We believe in the importance of developing a Scriptural 12-Step culture within our therapeutic community.

To this end, we participate in the SA Formation of Servants not only to facilitate our personal recovery and leadership accountability, but also as a means to relate to the long-term recovery processes that program participants must go through when choosing recovery from sexual exploitation/trafficking.

Principle to Live By: Anonymity

We believe in the putting into action the Principle of Anonymity that attracts others to God’s purpose for our therapeutic community’s Vision and Mission rather than promoting ourselves. We also believe that privacy is:

  • Central to recovery
  • Essential for quality of life
  • About respecting and valuing oneself and others (leadership, staff, volunteers, participants and donors alike).
Principle to Live By: Leading by Example

We believe in the importance of demonstrating by example our roles as trusted servants who strive to meet the needs of others first. We also believe in holding ourselves accountable in ‘walking the recovery talk’ by participating in the SA Formation of Servants, in challenging ourselves by practicing the Principle of Anonymity and by continuously learning how to enact “Principles Before Personalities”.

unityPrinciple to Live By: Community

We believe in our common vision that is based on servanthood, personal recovery and community, which, when centered on total dependence on Christ, brings about unity locally and internationally.

We are also unified in the belief that graduated program participants are the best potential leaders of tomorrow and as such, we mentor them to become honorary servants within our therapeutic community.

Principle to Live By: Sustainability

We believe that to be proactive, we must create a sustainable therapeutic community that:

  • Trusts that when God calls He also equips and provides as needed, one day at a time
  • Remains focused on its Vision and Mission
  • Collaborates with other enterprises or groups having a diversity of guiding principles and thus enact the principle of “Cooperation Without Endorsement/Affiliation”
  • Uses well-determined steps for therapeutic community growth and commits to develop social enterprises to reach financial self-sustainability while training program participants
Principle to Live By: Fairness and Equality

We believe that to develop a fair working environment that promotes equality, we must:

  • Remember the importance of both:

–        Scripture and the impact that it has on personal integrity as we learn how to act fairly, promoting equality at all levels of our therapeutic community

–        Altruism and the role that it plays in servanthood

  • Implement well developed human resource guidelines, a code of conduct and policies and procedures that promote fairness and equality
  • Clarify the 3:1 rule to ensure that the highest paid employee does not receive more than 3 times the salary of the lowest paid employee
Principle to Live By: Growth and Change

We believe in enacting the principle of rotation and in providing ongoing training and mentoring at all levels of our therapeutic community to ensure successful succession.

Αs Community House Damaris grows, the ODT ensures that graduated program participants who are no longer part of the followcare program and other individuals who have been involved within Community House Damaris are included in the process of building community as “honorary servants”.

The “honorary servants” structure is developed and maintained for the purpose of mentoring and training for servant leadership positions. For graduated program participants, to become “honorary servants”, keeps their anonymity intact.

At this level, these youth and women are simply contributing members on an equal basis with everyone else considered in good standing within the therapeutic community. They are no longer labeled as “Ex” anything.

For individuals who have been involved within Community House Damaris as well as graduated participants, to become “honorary servants”, shows them that they are valued by the Voting Membership/Coordinating Committee/Key leadership.

Good standing as an “honorary servant” within Community House Damaris means that the individual has served in the therapeutic community honorably and effectively for at least one year. “Honorary servants” are invited to participate at the annual retreat and are welcome to bring their recommendations forward.

“Honorary servants” must be in good standing with Community House Damaris but do not yet meet the eligibility criteria of Voting Membership/Coordinating Committee/Key leadership.