Principle to Live By: Personal Recovery

We believe that when program participants are ready for lifestyle changes, no matter how small they may be, they must be given the chance to enter and/or re-enter the program where they learn to take ownership of their personal recovery.

Principle to Live By: It Takes Time to Heal

We believe that hurt individuals do not recover quickly; therefore we develop and implement programs and services to support the long-term recovery needs of program participants. We learn to exercise patience with a purpose while encouraging program participants to exercise patience, gentleness, mercy and tolerance with themselves and others while they heal.

In addition, we educate our social investors to the fact that personal recovery is a long-term process.

Principle to Live By: Quality of Life

We believe that an atmosphere of peace and safety promote the quality of life needed to ensure the success of program participants.

We are thus committed to ensuring that this quality of life is evidenced in our long-term, authentic relationships with participants, in the development of a caring community and in the building of program spaces that are safe and reflect the same standard of living we wish for ourselves.

Principle to Live By: Talents Are Yet to be Discovered

We believe that program participants have potential and that talents need to be discovered in their lives. Thus, we create programs and services that are:

  • Competency-based – focusing on program participants’ strengths and not their weaknesses
  • Resiliency-based – focusing on emphasizing program participants’ successes, not their failures

We provide for the development of soft skills as part of our program delivery and involve program participants in job shadowing.

Principle to Live By: Skills Need to be Taught

We believe that skills need to be taught because skill acquisition and mastery are necessary for program participants to become productive members of society.

Thus, we provide for the development of hard skills in our program delivery and involve program participants in “on the job training” experiences.

Principle to Live By: It Takes a healthy community to Raise a Child

We believe that parenting skills need to be taught to stop the cycle of abuse in the lives of the children coming with program participants.

We believe that for our therapeutic community to become a healthy community where the young generation is raised up with care and diligence, it must remain true to its core values and beliefs.